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Google Changes Coming in October 2017

Why is Google Doing it?

Posted on 21 Sep 2017

What You should know about Clarity Enhanced Diamonds

Employees as Advertising

There’s an old adage about advertising that I still remember to this day:

Probably half of the advertising dollars you spend are wasted...and you don’t know which half it is.

So instead of frustrating myself more, I stopped advertising and focused on my employees. I became the sole responsible party for all new employees from the initial interview of a CSR (break-in employee) to managers and supervisors. I knew what kind of people I wanted working for me and the only way that could happen was to control the process. 

Posted on 15 Sep 2017

Gold is Not the Problem

As you know, we love the pawn industry. A few weeks ago, we presented and exhibited at the NPA Convention in Las Vegas I heard something very disturbing.  I must have heard at least 200 owners talk about how they are not making money the way they used to in this industry. What is more disturbing is at least half of those, when asked why not, immediately responded” because gold is down from $1,856 at its highest to $1,230 an oz. now... It amazes me that so many of the people we spoke to had this as their main reason for down profits. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the price of gold is only one of the many challenges you face right now that is causing less profitability in your pawn shops than in years past.

Posted on 13 Sep 2017

High Quality and Fast Turnaround Custom Programming

When we designed PawnMaster we set out to build a total Pawn shop solution that would give pawnbrokers the tools they needed to operate and grow their business.  We started with our Microsoft DOS platform and over the course of the next 30 years we’ve improved, evolved and enhanced PawnMaster Classic with the input and feedback of throusands of pawnbrokers.  

Oklahoma Pawnbrokers Association Annual Convention - Beyond the Shop - Simple Steps to Success

We are honored to be the exclusive pawn software vendor attending the Oklahoma Pawnbrokers Association Annual Convention! Join us for our presentation offering you ideas you can take back and use in your shop right away -- most of which WON'T COST YOU ANYTHING!

Why “The Extra Mile”?

Here at Data Age, there are many of things that we do as a company to stand out when it comes to how we provide for our team and for our customers. I am fortunate enough to not only work closely with our customers on a daily basis but also with all departments including Tech Support, Marketing, Development, Training, and Sales. One thing my colleagues and customers will say about my work ethic is that going the extra mile is something I do with no questions asked and truly believe is a quality that any employee/manager should own.

Liability issues with pawnshop selling firearms to the public

Lawsuits against firearm dealers generally are filed under one of two theories: irresponsible distribution of
firearms that arm those breaking the law and unsafe design of firearms. This latter category is applicable
to not only a firearm manufacturer, but also to firearm sellers.

Don't Know Much about the Stone Removal Process? Peter B. Spector Can Help

Stone removal is, and should be, an important part of the pawnbroker’s and jeweler's process. If you’re not doing it, you should be, and if you’re not familiar with how to do it, that’s where I come in. Stone removal is a terrific, easy process. It’s incredibly affordable, and it’s a simple way to gather items of value to bring to a convention to be able to sell.

Firearm Acquisitions and Dispositions in PawnMaster

If you are a shop that deals in Firearms, you know how important it is to keep accurate records of the firearms that come in and out of your shop. This means anything and everything, up to and including the mistakes. The ATF understands that we’re all humans, we make mistakes. Rather than try to make a mistake appear as though it never happened, use the tools at hand to make the changes manually, and keep your records accurate. Let me show you how PawnMaster helps make it easier for you.

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