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2017 - A Year in Review

Posted on 21 Dec 2017

header-2017-Year-in-Review.pngAs we are about to ring in 2018 and start our 30th year of servicing the pawn industry, we must review the year 2017. As we look back we once again had another very successful year. Our mantra and brand promise is to put the PawnMaster client in the best possible position for success. The PawnMaster client base continued to flourish in 2017 as our brand promise continues to be all about the customer.

We have been known for delivering the best and most stable products in the market for three decades. In 2017 this continued. Being the only dual platform company on the planet, we saw PawnMaster Ignite, our true cloud platform, gain market share while our Classic product still dominates the pawn landscape. Being the industry leader we felt it our duty to offer the newest technologies without compromising stability.

E-foro is our non-fee based e-commerce platform which is integrated into a host of worldwide powerhouse sites. So many of our customers love the fact we don’t charge success fees to help them move inventory and gain more customers. Many of the newly acquired PawnMaster clients made the move to PawnMaster and are saving thousands of dollars each month by not having to pay their vendor a share of the revenue they gain from this service. Overall, our customers have surpassed $11 million in revenues.

We released Storefront, our integrated platform where clients can list items in inventory for sale on their own website. This product is providing our customers with some real firepower by generating online traffic to their websites not only generating SEO to help them be found more easily online, but also generatin sales with the professional look they desire. This is a 24/7 product giving our customers constant visibility to their clients.

Data Age successfully completed the acquisition and rebranding of SellerVantage (now operating as CrossPostIt), eclipsing well over 3,000 active customers and with the influx of new conversions, 4,000 is not far away.

Our state of the art, highly accurate, and fast data conversion process and teams were very busy in 2017. This team is growing to address all the current spill-over from the market events of the past two years.

We launched TxTValet in concert with TxTpawn. This product is driving huge amounts of customer traffic to our brokers' door steps. Our customer base is raving about this, and we see this product having huge growth in 2018.


Data Age University is growing and delivers continued education to your customers in a wide variety of ways. There were numerous client visits to our global headquarters along with countless online sessions culminating with site visits. This part of the company will continue to expand rapidly. 

Staying true to our education and collaboration efforts, we started the Pawnbroker Development Program. Bringing in well-known industry talent like Corby Logue, we are placing a heightened awareness on consulting in our industry. As well as partnering up with Vernon Stading of Devoted Business Development and Peter Spector of GEIB Refining to name just a few, we feel it is our responsibility as the industry leader to bring only the best people and companies to our customer base.


Our Helping Hands Video series has brought new ideas and human interest stories to our customer base.

This year, Data Age was proud to be nominated for Tampa Bay Business Journal's Best Places to Work and also recognized on Tampa Bay Business Journal's Largest Tampa Bay Software Developers list.

Data Age /PawnMaster has and will always assume the mantel of leadership in our industry, and we continue to appreciate all the accolades we receive from both inside and outside our industry. We will continue to give back to the industry as well as our community with more food and blood drives. This year, Data Age held 2 food drives collecting over 1,000 pounds of food and providing 1,248 meals. We also held 4 blood drives in which employees donated 48 pints of blood to help save almost 150 patients' lives.

We will continue to drive more educational content to the industry and bring in more experts for our customers to use to help them succeed in their business. 2018 is gaining momentum now and we look forward to bringing some very insightful products and services to the market. High quality products serviced by high integrity people will continue to give our customers the greatest wealth of all… PEACE OF MIND with a real money-making software platform.

Len Summa

Written by Len Summa

Len Summa joined Data Age Business Systems, Inc. in 2012 and currently serves as Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Before becoming Data Age Business Systems’ CEO, Mr. Summa was Chief Operations Officer (COO) for four years. He has 26 years of experience in executive software solution sales and operational management for both early stage and well-established firms. Prior to his Data Age service, Mr. Summa was the General Manager of global sales and operations at Persystent Software, an industry-leading enterprise recovery software. Mr. Summa has also served as the Director of North American SMB sales and operations at, the preeminent software firm in the learning management space. Mr. Summa has a vast business and entrepreneurial background and was the co-founder of Lou Ferrigno/Fitness Showrooms, a highly successful retail and wholesale chain located throughout the Northeastern United States.

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