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Jewelers Being Bad

Posted on 23 Nov 2016


The Right Kind of Wrong
We live in an attention economy. If you can grab people's attention, you can sell them things. 
Want a trick to grab people's attention? Of course you do! Ready? 
The trick is to do what is least expected. That is it. If people expect something right side up, put it upside down. If people expect to see a beautiful woman wearing jewelry, put a necklace on a dorky guy, or better yet on a poodle. Do the unexpected and you will surprise, delight, and sell.
On Black Friday the game Cards Against Humanity raised all their prices! Everyone was expecting lower prices, so instead they raised them for 
one day! They got much more attention, not to mention sales, by doing the unexpected. 
Would you have looked at the pretty hand if there was not an ugly one next to it?
Why is this picture of the guys one of my favorites? Because you expect to see girls! Give the unexpected and get noticed, talked about and shopped with.
This ad is fantastic for the same reason. You expect to see two kids on the ground. By doing the unexpected you get people's attention.
Life is boring without controversy. Controversy gets people talking. 
D. Geller & SonJewelers gave away a free gun with purchase and got press all over the world.
Take negative political ads, for example. We all hate them but studies show they work. Conflict is engaging.
People buy jewelry based on emotion. Tension is an emotion too, and when used right it can create more sales.
   Ideas for being Jewelers being Naughty that You can use
  • Give away something ridiculous with purchase like a tap dancing lesson or a piece of the moon. Both are so unexpected it is sure to get people talking, with little cost or effort on your part.
  • Have people get X% off their purchase if they can sing all the words to the Star Spangled Banner. I bet you will get people laughing and smiles lead to sales.
  • Pretend to kidnap the boss and say you are having a "Boss is away sale." 
I love this! 
It is unexpected and delightful.
Would this excite anyone?
When making an ad, ask yourself, "If it's not interesting, or different is it worth the money to place it?"


Aleah at Olympian Diamonds

Written by Aleah at Olympian Diamonds

Aleah Siegel grew up in retail and is a 5th generation jeweler, 3rd generation G.I.A. Gemologist at Olympian Diamonds 8 South Michigan Chicago, IL 60603 1-800-882-8900 *This blog is for informational purposes only. Data Age Business Systems, Inc. does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, timeliness, or correct sequencing of the information provided.

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