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Brian Parker is an IT Specialist with 15 years experience in network security solutions, with a background in pawn shop networking. His services include comprehensive consults to help identify gaps and opportunities, comprehensive reports that include project plans, and schedules. Dark Web Network Security offers a suite of quality products that will help you get protected quickly and smoothly. Learn more about protecting your shop at
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Simple Steps for Securing Your Systems

Picture thisit’s Monday morning and you show up at your shop, everything is looking great for the week. You have a monumental event planned and you cannot wait to see the amount of sales and loans the week coming up has in store. You get your shop set up and ready to go, you start to disburse the cash drawers to your employees... and your computer won't unlock. You try logging again and still nothing. You check another computer, it's not working either. This never happens! Nothing is working as it should, something's up. You quickly resort to taking cash payments and sales as everyone works to figure out what the issue is. Then it happensyou get an email on your phone from a strange address telling you that your computer files are locked, and to get them back you must pay $15,000 for the passcode. You have 72 hours to pay the fee or your files are gone.

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