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The team of Eyeson Digital and Sapphire Risk Advisory Group continuously build on its foundation of knowledge in Video Technology, Loss Prevention and Security to deliver intelligent solutions designed to improve operational performance. Roberto Doering, Tony Gallo and Marc Cohen have combined their vast experience (over 80 years combined) in security, management and technology to create a more secure and profitable future where sound principles and technology continuously work together to achieve this.

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Guest Blog: Who's watching your POS?

 In 1626 a Dutchman named Peter Minuit bought Manhattan from the Lenape Indians for twenty-four dollars’ worth of glass beads. This single transaction has been labeled throughout history, “the greatest swindle of all time.”

Is The Cash Handling at The POS Hurting Your Operations?

Recently, I was confronted with two events which provoked this entry.

Strategy for Competing Successfully Using Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

We have all heard about the importance of measuring performance. After all every professional sport lists it leaders by ranking of an average, points made, and percentage of success. Imagine for a moment if these performance statistics were not kept? The real leaders of the sport would become anonymous, team strategies would be scrambled and worse, the fans would lose the ability to identify with the true heroes of the game. As for the players, how can they improve if they don’t know what they must improve upon?

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