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Single, Caucasian, Female, date of birth: March 1963; eldest of four children; my parents are Mormon and we were USAF military brats. I am twice divorced and have two grown children by birth. I am the “mother” to several others and a Me-Maw to many. I have a great partner and several fur babies plus one stubborn Plecostomus. I like to garden, hunt, and fish on occasion. I am not a hoarder, I am a maximizer and try to recycle. I am very involved in philanthropic endeavors. A Jeni (not a Jack) of many trades as I have owned and operated 15 businesses since the age of 18. I have a Masters in BM, hard knocks, and survival. I’ve been a Miss America certified judge, a licensed realtor, a state certified vehicle safety inspector, a sworn law enforcement officer, I carry a Notary Public License, and am a Licensed Marriage Officiant. I’ve been homeless and almost made a million dollars all in one year. My personal motto: My mind is my weapon, everything else is an accessory. I am Jeni-Lei Rodell (Johnson, Leiser) Powell.
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My Goldenballs Memoirs: My Employee Incentives Include Crack Dip

According to my employees, I make crack dip. It’s really nothing crazy and I haven’t had a flavor that was ever considered disagreeable. My secret ingredient supplier is no longer around, so I have had to find alternate resources and blends, but without fail I’m still told that it's crack dip. So, you're wondering; how does dip equate to Employee Incentives?

PawnMaster or Just Ruler of My #goldenballs?

My usual response to those asking for the man that runs the business consists of a smirky glaring stare as if I did not fully hear their request. It usually rolls into my explanation that I’ve been in the Pawn industry 29 years and through two ex-husbands. Which then, depending upon their demeanor, can turn into a joke about their desire to be number three or how I still haven’t popped the cherry on my Taser. I am not Disney appropriate so if you are easily offended then my shop is not for you; but if you’re seeking an experience, you just may get it under the biggest golden balls in Northeastern Nevada. 

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