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Hard work, honesty, integrity, customer service and a sheer joy for life is what defines me. I have been lucky to find a Job that fits me at Glines & Rhodes!

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“I salt my lots by throwing in Platinum to make sure my Refiner is honest.”

The first time I heard this, I was shocked! Then it was endless stories of pawn owner’s explaining how refiners didn’t find their platinum. So let’s talk about this elusive metal.

To start, sneaking metal into your refining lot is never a good idea, especially platinum group metals. The first, and most important reason is if the refiner is expecting gold and silver, a fire assay is done on your material to assess value.

Are You Undervaluing these Coins?

Anyone that owns or manages a pawnshop deals regularly in precious metal bullion products.  Whether it’s one ounce of gold or one ounce of silver these items are easy to value, easy to buy and easy to liquidate when it comes time but are you really getting as much for your coins as you could be?

Posted on 07 Mar 2018

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