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Nic Griffis

Nic has spent the last 9 years in brand management as a creative professional in various industries. Being a life-long learner, he spent 6 years working in higher education, managing brands and developing rebranding strategies for 5 campuses. From there he moved into the software development and design industry which eventually led him to Data Age Business Systems in February of 2020. As the graphic and web designer for the leading pawn shop point-of-sale software provider worldwide, Nic is enthusiastic about doing his part to help pawnbrokers achieve the dream by sharing his knowledge of branding, typography, and design.

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Brand Consistency And How to Achieve It

The word “brand” normally elicits warm fuzzy feelings toward a customer’s favorite shoes, restaurant, or mobile device. “Brand Consistency” on the other hand is typically met with fear by business owners everywhere. Questions like “What is it?”, “Why do I need it?”, and “Am I doing it right?” are very common concerns, and you should be happy to know that achieving brand consistency is not as daunting a task as it may seem. 

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