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Customer Profile: My Pawn Shop

Tim Hopson, My Pawn Shop, Holly Hill, FL

Customer Profile: Henderson Pawn

Tony Henderson, Henderson Pawn, Pine Bluff, AR

Tony Henderson ran his pawn shop “old school” for years, opting to use the pen-to-pad method. Following a suggestion from his employee of 15 years, Tony decided to purchase PawnMaster. At this point, his employee was basically running the business for Tony, so he never felt it was necessary to take the time to learn all of the features available in PawnMaster. After his employee suddenly left, Tony was worried he was stuck with a system that he’d never be able to fully understand. After a call to Data Age, Tony received world-class training from our in-house training team and is now able to access all the reports he needs to make his business run smoothly while continuing to turn a profit.

Customer Profile: West Main Jewelry Buy & Sell

Stephen Falk, West Main Jewelry Buy & Sell, Rochester, NY

Entrepreneur Stephen Falk opened his first pawn shop in upstate New York in 1994 after a successful career in the wholesale tool and equipment distribution business.  Following a  meeting with Data Age founder and software developer Tom Streng at a pawn broker’s convention in the mid-90s, Stephen began using PawnMaster as his inventory management and point-of-sale software, and continues to use it to this day.

Innovation is a Necessity, Customer Experience is the Differentiator

As the industry leaders for close to three decades, we have many undeniable differentiators we bring to the market. Dual platform capabilities, the largest customer base, the largest customer support teams and the largest on-site development teams in the industry just bolster our time-tested stability, which at present is even more important and calming than ever before for our industry.  Another true differentiator, though, is the experience we provide for our customers. You may have heard the buzzwords, “Customer Experience” or “Cx”. In our world, customer experience isn’t a buzzword. It’s a way of life. Each and every person who comes to work at Data Age is involved in providing a remarkable experience for our customers on some level and each and every person here genuinely cares about all of our customers. At Data Age, it isn’t just about making the initial sale. Our model is put in place to ensure you are taken care of throughout your entire lifecycle as our customer – and our customer loyalty has proven this approach works. 


Posted on 10 Jun 2016

Did you know that e-foro is much more than just a turbo lister?

Save time and money by integrating your eCommerce sites into one marketplace management portal within PawnMaster. e-foro pulls item descriptions and details from your PawnMaster program to eliminate having to re-type the info on the eCommerce sites. You can also add additional detail and images for all items before posting them live.

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