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Seth L. Ward is the Vice President of Sales & Marketing for Union Life & Casualty Insurance Agency aka For nearly two decades, Seth has specialized in providing comprehensive insurance products and service to the pawn industry. Seth serves as CO-Chair of the National Pawnbrokers Association Vendor Committee and is Chair of the California Pawnbrokers Associations Vendor Council. Union Life has been in the insurance business since 1965 and providing specialized products to the pawn and used merchandise related industries for over twenty five years. If you are a pawnbroker looking for pawnbrokers insurance please email or text/call Seth at 602-900-7003, office phone 800-545-5624.

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Workers Compensation: What You Need to Know

I've been in insurance for a long time, and have seen a good number of business owners and their employees sustain injuriesmany very minor, some permanently life-altering, and a few unfortunately resulting in death. Most of these injuries could have been prevented, but there are circumstances that are 100% out of the control of any business owner. No matter the end result, the bottom line is that someone has suffered a work-related injury. So as a business owner and the person responsible for coverage in your shop, what's the first step?

When Dealing with Insurance, Don't Come Up Short

The pawn industry is alive and well, full of bright and forward thinking professionals as well as seasoned veterans who have seen it all, or at least know someone who has. Even with that much collective experience, the unexpected can and does happen. For nearly three decades, UL&C ( has been providing comprehensive insurance to pawnbrokers nationwide. Through the years, we have seen a trend of pawnbrokers and their agents attempting to reduce their cost of insurance by not securing enough coverage for their Business Personal Property (furniture, fixtures, and equipment) and Tenant Improvements and Betterments (covering alterations made to the the physical building).

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