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“I want to be mediocre,” Said No One Ever.

With the 2016 Rio Olympics going on, I’ve found myself enraptured by the determination of the athletes. These people are worldwide outliers. The best of the best at what they do. The ones who challenge status quo. But how do they get there? Were they born that way?

Bill Reinacher Named Director of Operations for Data Age Business Systems, the Developers of PawnMaster Software

Data Age Business Systems, the developers of PawnMaster, the leading pawn shop management software, announced today, the promotion of Bill Reinacher to Director of Operations.

Len Summa Named CEO of Data Age Business Systems, the Developers of PawnMaster Software

Tom Streng, co-founder of Data Age Business Systems, the developers of PawnMaster software, announced today that he will be transitioning into a role as Chairman of the Board. Streng will continue to contribute his 30-plus years of expertise to Data Age on a strategic level.

Len Summa, who has been running day-to-day operations for the last four years was named Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at the world’s most widely used pawn shop software company.

Posted on 06 Jul 2016

Cloud Computing 101

True Cloud, Hosted, and Co-location Services Defined

Just because you can access information online doesn’t mean that information lives in the cloud. If your technology provider claims to be cloud-based but isn't, you could be facing threats such as slow server speed, high costs of the infrastructure being passed on to you, downtime, or the ultimate nightmare – complete catastrophic data loss.

Our goal is to explain the difference in technology between true cloud computing as opposed to other means of server management. 

Data Age Business Systems Launches the First True Cloud Software Solution to the Pawn Industry

PawnMaster, the world’s top-selling pawn management software will launch PawnMaster Ignite

Clearwater, Fla. – (May 23, 2016) – Data Age Business Systems, the developers of PawnMaster, the leading pawn shop software, announced today that they will be launching the industry’s first true cloud solution called The company prides itself on providing stable software solutions in a volatile industry. Large pawn shops and small pawn shops alike will benefit from the scalability and usability of the new platform. The product will be backed by Amazon Web Services cloud infrastructure.PawnMaster Ignite. 

Posted on 24 May 2016

Low-Cost Ways to Market Your Shop


You can start small. Look into buying some keywords related to payday loans, cash advances, cash loans, collateral loans, pawn loans, etc. You can target these to people searching for those terms within a geographic radius of your location. On the retail side, you can also target terms that are related to items you’re trying to sell. Some people searching for items may not think to check their local pawn shop. The great thing about AdWords is you can set a daily budget, so you can spend as much or as little as you want – you can start small and increase later. The system manages your budget for you, so you never go over.

Tips for Marketing Your Business for Free!

Social Media

Ecommerce Strategy

What is e-commerce?

Electronic commerce, more commonly known as e-commerce, is the buying and selling of goods and services electronically – primarily over the Internet.

Eight Ideas for Marketing Your Pawn Shop on Social Media

  1. Post photos of your products. Even if the people following you aren’t looking for a specific item, they may know someone who is. Be sure to include some information in the comment section such as size, price, etc.


Pawn Shop Holiday Checklist

Pawn Shop Holiday Checklist

o Get your social media pages up and running

WHY: This holiday season is expected to be the first to test a new wave of social commerce. Word-of-mouth about your shop and your sales can bring in more paying customers. Consider offering a discount for customers who check in to your store.

Posted on 23 Sep 2015

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