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Customer Profile: Castle Rental & Pawn

Posted on 24 Sep 2016


Lincoln Nail, Castle Rental & Pawn, Northwest Arkansas

Lincoln Nail manages a multi-store operation in Northwest Arkansas. He appreciates being able to manage software LNail_headshot.jpgsettings for all of his stores through PawnMaster Ignite’s browser-based interface, allowing him to implement changes from one centralized location. Lincoln loves the ability to customize Ignite’s home screen, allowing him to place the menu items that he uses the most at the forefront, saving him time and streamlining his work flow.

“It’s obvious that you have taken the time to take care of little things that truly speed up the flow of a transaction and that’s key. The little things that you can do to speed up completing the transaction make all the difference in the world, because now, even if we can shave off 30 minutes over a full day, that’s 30 minutes that either A) we can give to a customer in time or B) we can use to complete tasks in the store so it’s amazing and it’s great and it reflects, you can see it in the software.” — Lincoln Nail




Christian Steinbacher

Written by Christian Steinbacher

Christian is a Marketing Manager at Data Age Business Systems. Before joining the team at Data Age, he spent 10 years in the zoo and museum field, designing exhibits and interpretive graphics for zoos, aquariums, and museums across the United States and Canada. With a focus on education and a strong understanding of social media trends, Christian creates video and social content for Data Age on a weekly basis. If you have questions regarding marketing for your shop, he can be reached at

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