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Customer Profile: Charlie's Pawn Shop

Posted on 28 Jan 2017


Charlie Temkovits, Charlie's Pawn Shop, Jackson, MS

Entrepreneur Charlie Temkovits opened Charlie’s Pawn Shop 26 years ago.HubProfileImage-Charlie Temkovits.png After using a software management system out of Alabama for the first couple of years, he realized the need for something better. Charlie began using PawnMaster as his inventory management and point-of-sale software and continues to use it today.

“I do not want to imagine running my shop without PawnMaster…at all. I’m real comfortable with the PawnMaster program and no, I can’t imagine even trying to run (my shop) without it. The Military Leading Act (MLA) update went great, Jessica was helping me... and it sure eased the stress that I had converting over or starting to do it. They showed me the blocks to click on, the place to put notes… That was a big help, being able to talk to someone there because I got more answers there than anywhere else.”

 Charlie Temkovits


Eric Williams

Written by Eric Williams

Eric is a Marketing Manager at Data Age Business Systems. A senior-level graphic artist, Eric brings 20 years of high-quality digital, print ,and electronic production specialties to the team. With his background in design and advertising, Eric understands the ins-and-outs of promotion on both a corporate and small business level. As Data Age’s resident webmaster, Eric oversees the websites and online accounts for all of Data Age’s product lines. If you have questions regarding marketing for your shop, he can be reached at

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