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Customer Profile: Milton Gun & Pawn

Posted on 24 Dec 2016


Derek Martin Milton Gun & Pawn, Milton, WV

Derek Martin had been using PawnMaster for years and thought that he might be interested in exploring other pawn software options. He decided to try Bravo, and after purchasing all new hardware and receiving no training, Derek was forced to leave voicemails for Bravo when no one answered his calls for help.Derek Martin.png Fearful that continuing attempts to use Bravo would cost him his business, Derek came back to PawnMaster.


“You can’t beat your guys’ software, to be honest. It’s simple, it’s to the point, and it does its job and does it effectively and you can’t ask for anything else. Especially for us. Everybody’s situation obviously is different but for us, PawnMaster works. We learned from our mistakes by leaving. It’s not something that we will probably ever do again as long as this shop’s doors are open. ”

— Derek Martin


Eric Williams

Written by Eric Williams

Eric is a Marketing Manager at Data Age Business Systems. A senior-level graphic artist, Eric brings 20 years of high-quality digital, print ,and electronic production specialties to the team. With his background in design and advertising, Eric understands the ins-and-outs of promotion on both a corporate and small business level. As Data Age’s resident webmaster, Eric oversees the websites and online accounts for all of Data Age’s product lines. If you have questions regarding marketing for your shop, he can be reached at

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