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Data Age Business Systems Combines e-Commerce and Retail in One POS to Bring Unified Commerce to the Pawn Industry

Posted on 17 Jun 2017


Data Age Business Systems, the developers of PawnMaster, the industry-leading pawn shop software, announced its latest eCommerce integration, Storefront. Storefront enables brick and mortar pawn shop owners to create an eCommerce page and sell inventory from their own website while integrating directly with PawnMaster pawn software to make inventory management and sales reporting seamless. Storefront’s innovative technology makes it easy to create an omnichannel experience for shoppers.

eCommerce transactions in Storefront are directly integrated into PawnMaster POS without success fees or revenue sharing. PawnMaster clients also benefit from Search Engine Optimization (SEO), improving their rankings on Google and other search engines for their own websites. The product helps them gain a competitive advantage by improving their web presence and credibility with both their virtual and physical audiences.

Consumers benefit from Storefront because they have the choice of making purchases in store or online. Oftentimes, a pawn shop customer will go in to pay on a loan and see an item of interest but may not be able to make the purchase at that time. Offering the items online makes it easier for them to make their purchase when the time is right, and because the Storefront e-commerce site works around the clock, PawnMaster clients are selling inventory even outside of retail hours. Data Age understands that, in alternative lending, loans are an important part of doing business. With this product, shop owners have another way to free up capital invested in inventory that can be used to secure more loans by moving that inventory faster.

“After surveying hundreds of clients, consumer experience has become a big focus for Data Age because it is on our clients’ radar. As Data Age builds out new products and services, we are focused on helping our customers provide exceptional experiences both in their shops and online,” said Len Summa, CEO, Data Age Business Systems, Inc. “Offering multiple eCommerce options to our pawn brokers is vital to all of our futures. At Data Age, we not only look at trends within our own industry and customer base, but the responsibility has expanded to enabling our clients to grow and better serve their customers – the consumer.”

PawnMaster is recognized for continually providing solutions for pawn shops to keep current on retail consumer trends in a highly regulated industry. PawnMaster clients can further expand their reach by adding e-foro, an integrated multi-listing tool. With e-foro, pawn shop owners can list their items to eBay, Craigslist, Amazon and Gunbroker, giving them access to millions of users who already shop those channels.

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Data Age offers industry leading financial transaction software solutions that enable businesses doing non-traditional lending, buy/sell, check cashing and even retailers to scale their organization, deliver exceptional customer service, capture data quickly and accurately, mitigate risk, adhere to regulatory mandates, manage employee challenges, and drive profitability.

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