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How about Lunch?

Posted on 18 Oct 2017


We Like Food
A jeweler who sells Diamond Hershey Kiss necklaces posted a
recipe for Hershey's chocolate CAKE on facebook and got a record number of likes. They did not even mention jewelry! 
The purpose of social media is to engage. Not every post needs to be about jewelry. Post a favorite recipe or a diamond shaped cookie or pizza.

It's Just Like Food
Compare Everything You Can to Food or Booze.
 Champagne Diamonds, Martini Settings, Bloody Mary Ruby, Honey Citrine.
It will help the sale.
Get your customers' mouths watering for jewelry and they will buy.
Try a bite of elegance
You know you are suppose to give your business card out outside of work, but it's hard. What if you attached your card
 to some gem-shaped candy or a chocolate bar?
Then you would be more likely to hand your card to the woman you talked to in the grocery 
store. The more you self promote the more sales you will have. 

 How much do people
Watch as People 
Choose Free Candy Bar OVER a Free 10 oz Silver Bar worth $150

Post a Gem Related Recipe, like this one, on your Store Facebook Page

 Offer customers coffee, cookies, or booze. If people are eating and drinking they stay longer. Also it has been shown that when customers are more alert they are more compliant. Coffee and sugar can help with that. Plus the smells help create the comfortable feeling you want your customer's to have. Remember you don't sell jewelry you sell a
 feeling. Taste helps create that feeling.

The world's most 
chocolate bar
With the gold leaf-covered special edition priced at
The bar's eye-watering 
price is said to be the 
precise value of its weight in gold. The bar is covered in edible
 gold leaf and sheathed in a
 gold leaf wrapper 

What do women love?Jewelry & Chocolate
Click for some really cool chocolate gems... choco gems
Aleah at Olympian Diamonds

Written by Aleah at Olympian Diamonds

Aleah Siegel grew up in retail and is a 5th generation jeweler, 3rd generation G.I.A. Gemologist at Olympian Diamonds 8 South Michigan Chicago, IL 60603 1-800-882-8900 *This blog is for informational purposes only. Data Age Business Systems, Inc. does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, timeliness, or correct sequencing of the information provided.

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