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I Have to Ask My Wife

Posted on 01 Nov 2017



Why Do
 Women Buy Jewelry?
Women buy Jewelry to tell the world who they are.
To express who and what they love. Women buy jewelry to feel rich, attractive, important, and loved. What a woman wears is her way of 
telling the story of who she is.
We all know how important stories are in sales. Help your customer tell HER STORY and you will sell more jewelry. 


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Wanna Reach Women?
    instore trophy  
 Forget showing pictures of Kim Kardashian, try showing pictures of strong, accomplished women in your ads, on Facebook, and around your store. 
How about Ginni Rometty CEO of IBM, or German Chancellor Merkel? 
More Marketing Ideas
You can also show respected women in your own community such as a local teacher or community organizer. It's even better if you can get this local respected woman to take pictures wearing your jewelry and post it on her own social media. You could even host an award ceremony for great women in your community. 

 Trice Jeweler's Ad is Fantastic
One of my favorite ads ever is from Trice Jewelers Colorado. Why?
1st It shows women enjoying jewelry.
2nd These are strong women in the local community that people look up to. 3rd it gives testimonials. It says "Look 'THESE' women shop here, so I should too."
What a great ad!

Why not sponsor a girl scouts troup? Invite girls scouts to a diamond class. They can even earn a diamond knowledge merit badge. Support a woman's abuse center. Have a mentorship program for young women. Sell beads where a portion goes to help women in Uganda or towards Breast Cancer research
Show you care about women & they will show they care about you.
Aleah at Olympian Diamonds

Written by Aleah at Olympian Diamonds

Aleah Siegel grew up in retail and is a 5th generation jeweler, 3rd generation G.I.A. Gemologist at Olympian Diamonds 8 South Michigan Chicago, IL 60603 1-800-882-8900 *This blog is for informational purposes only. Data Age Business Systems, Inc. does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, timeliness, or correct sequencing of the information provided.

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