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Lidian Arias Appointed to HR Generalist

Posted on 28 Sep 2021

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Data Age Business Systems, developer of PawnMaster, the industry-leading pawn management software, is pleased to announce the onboarding of Lidian Arias as Human Resources (HR) Generalist.

Lidian’s career began in 2013 when she was first hired as an Executive Assistant at a local high school. In her position, she was introduced to several different HR functions, such as maintaining employer-employee relations, company culture, and so on... “Working there I realized that my day-to-day interaction with people at different levels would professionally and personally impact their lives,” Lidian shares. That role ignited her spark and love of human resources. Her path then led her to her next position as an HR Coordinator for a company that sells tractor products, where she was then exposed to the advanced parts of HR functions. It was there that she learned recruiting, hiring, training, and planning with professionals at all levels.

Now, Lidian is taking a leap forward and is currently serves as the HR Generalist at Data Age Business Systems. “After interviewing, I felt that the company had some of the same beliefs and values that I have. I feel that I fit in with the culture,” she shares. When asked about what her main goals are for the future of Data Age, Lidian had several, but perhaps the most pressing is her goal to tackle and improve communication between departments. “Communication is key in HR,” she states. She plans to start by coaching, collaborating, and listening to the team, first and foremost. From there, she believes inter-department communication will closely follow. Based on Lidian’s history and her ability to think outside the box, she’s confident she can accomplish these goals quickly. 

“HR plays a key role in the success of any company. We chose Lidian because of her professionalism and prior experiences in the HR realm. We’re looking forward to seeing how Lidian will shape the future of this team, and we’re confident she will do great things,” Director of Operations, Dave Larson says.

Lidian enjoys her career path and is looking forward to her new role and facing new challenges at Data Age. Outside of work, she enjoys the simple pleasure in life. She likes to garden and spend time with her family.

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