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Customer Profile: Former Bravo User, Denny's Jewelry & Pawn

Posted on 12 Nov 2016


Tammy Gates, Denny's Jewelry & Pawn, Arden, NC

Tammy Gates is the Shop Manager of Denny's Jewelry & Pawn, a family-owned pawn shop that has been HubProfileImage-TammyGates.pngin business for nearly ten years. In the video, Tammy talks about the need for a new pawn management software, why they switched from Bravo Pawn Systems to PawnMaster.

“Denny and I sat down and we did a bunch of research and we looked and we looked and we choose- It actually was between Bravo and PawnMaster. And the lady at Bravo, she promised us this and she promised us that and so we chose to go with Bravo. Nothing worked we spent hours, man-hours, many man hours working. Daytime here, running the shop, nighttime we’re doing inventory to get it in, the only conversion we did was the pawns cause that’s important. Nothing came over right. And when I called, it was like as soon as we wrote the check, all the support went away. We just started looking again for another point-of-sale system. We got on PawnChat and I was talking to people on there, seeing what they liked, what was a good company and PawnMaster kept popping up and popping up. I started looking around, I liked a lot of your features. So then I brought it to Denny’s attention. And I said ‘This is where it’s at."

 Tammy Gates





Eric Williams

Written by Eric Williams

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