One Size Does Not Fit All when it Comes to Your Pawn Software

Posted on 05 Jan 2018


In today’s market, it's safe to say that "One Size Does Not Fit All." Options, personal preferences, and flexibility are essentials that business owners are looking for. They want to operate their business in a manner that is best for them, not their software provider. Owners are not looking to invest in software because their provider spouts off the latest buzz words, rather they prefer stability, reliability, and dependability.

As the ONLY dual platform provider supporting over 3,500 active shops using PawnMaster, we truly believe that one size does not fit all. Our Classic and Ignite products have satisfied every demand of the market. Selecting Amazon Web Services, the largest cloud provider on the planet, as the backbone for our cloud-based POS system, PawnMaster Ignite, shows our true commitment to providing the absolute best line-up of products and services. And as always, all of our products continue to be backed by Data Age's world-class customer support teams.

When we say, "One size does not fit all," we're talking about flexibility. Not just the flexibility granted by offering both on-premise and cloud-based platforms - there's much more to it than just that. PawnMaster offers unmatched flexibility, personalizing the experience of every user. It was built to allow you to run your business the way you want to. From letting you customize mandatory fields, to allowing you to build out your software as you grow by adding modules that suit your ever-changing needs, our philosophy has always been that no two businesses are alike. From the beginning, nearly 30 years ago, our founders recognized and put the extra effort forth to give you the tools to run your business YOUR WAY. 

PawnMaster's e-commerce platform is delivering multi-million dollar results to our clients, with NO SUCCESS FEES cutting into profit margins. Storefront, TxTPawn, TxTValet, and countless more modules deliver the competitive advantage needed in today's ever-changing market place. Q2 of 2018 will see some very new, extremely popular, and effective additions to PawnMaster.  We may be celebrating 30 years of supplying the pawn industry with world-class software, but we're just getting warmed up.


Len Summa

Written by Len Summa

Len Summa joined Data Age Business Systems, Inc. in 2012 and currently serves as Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Before becoming Data Age Business Systems’ CEO, Mr. Summa was Chief Operations Officer (COO) for four years. He has 26 years of experience in executive software solution sales and operational management for both early stage and well-established firms. Prior to his Data Age service, Mr. Summa was the General Manager of global sales and operations at Persystent Software, an industry-leading enterprise recovery software. Mr. Summa has also served as the Director of North American SMB sales and operations at, the preeminent software firm in the learning management space. Mr. Summa has a vast business and entrepreneurial background and was the co-founder of Lou Ferrigno/Fitness Showrooms, a highly successful retail and wholesale chain located throughout the Northeastern United States.

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