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New for 2018: Productivity Reports in PawnMaster

PawnMaster is known for its robust reporting capabilities, and that's why we partnered with Vernon Stading of Devoted Pawn Consulting to create three custom reports to better serve PawnMaster users. Vernon has been servicing the pawn industry as a consultant for years, and during his visits he saw where pawn shop owners could make, and in some cases, save more money if they had the tools to do so. Vernon approached PawnMaster with the idea of making three custom reports that would be available to all PawnMaster users; The Key Performance Indicator Report, The Employee Productivity Report, and The Employee Commission Report.

Data Age Business Systems Introduces TxTPay, the First Secure Mobile Payment Solution for Pawn Loans

Data Age Business Systems introduces TxTPay – mobile payments for pawn shop customers. TxTPay is the pawn industry’s first mobile payment solution that identifies debit cards and prepaid credit cards in order to safely accept remote loan payments.

Data Age Celebrates 30 Years of Innovation

Data Age Business Systems has reached an exciting milestone as the company celebrates 30 years of delivering innovative business management and point-of-sale software solutions to pawn shops, jewelry stores, gold, coin and second-hand dealers, and cell phone repair shops.

Beyond the Shop: Encourage Layaway Sales

How to delete an employee from PawnMaster?

“Terminating” an employee makes them inactive. PawnMaster never truly deletes anything. All records are either “Active” or “Inactive”. The reason behind this is to keep an audit trail. We want you to be able to, at all times, have a way of determining what your employees are doing and what changes they're making within your system. 

Posted on 26 Jun 2018

Beyond the Shop: Upsell

Posted on 23 Jun 2018

Beyond the Shop: Qualify Your Loans


Posted on 16 Jun 2018

What are Best Practices for Forfeiting Items?

My recommendation for pulling forfeits is, “be consistent”. I feel that this task should be done daily even if you only have one or two items on the forfeit list. One reason for this is if it's done frequently, it's a small task. But if allowed to build up, it can easily get out of hand and become a chore.

Beyond the Shop: The Manager's Circle

Posted on 09 Jun 2018

You NEED A Facebook Business Page

You need a Facebook Business Page, especially if you don’t have a website. Facebook's more than two billion monthly active users make it an impossible platform for any business to ignore and let’s face it, if your customers can’t find you on line why should you think they can find their way to your business?

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