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Customer Profile: Parlour Pawn

Posted on 11 Feb 2017


Bill Daigle, Parlour Pawn, Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada

Bill Daigle is the general manager of Parlour Pawn, overseeing almost 30 employees in several different departments. BDaigle_headshot.jpgAfter initially having a difficult time finding a pawn software that could keep up with their expanding inventory, Parlour Pawn turned to PawnMaster. With PawnMaster’s bin location system, Bill and his staff are able to safely, securely, and easily manage their 15,000+ pawns.

“As the store grew, our needs got bigger and bigger. Obviously, we needed a good, secure program that’s going to keep us running. PawnMaster gives me the ability to set security levels so I can assign people to do whatever I need them to do. I see PawnMaster as probably the most secure program out there.” — Bill Daigle




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Written by Christian Steinbacher

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