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Rat Tail Labels for Barcoding Jewelry

Posted on 19 Jul 2017


In the jewelry industry, keeping track of product is essential. Since most pieces are more costly and require more time to produce relative to other industries, jewelers have a heightened need for accurate inventory and product information.

Barcoding in the jewelry industry also requires an additional degree of finesse. Barcodes must be small and visually unobtrusive so as to not distract from the piece of jewelry in any away. The labels or tags used must be easy to remove so that the customer does not take home a product with a sticky residue, but at the same time, should not be too easy to take off. If tags tend to fall off, it may cause organizational problems and increase the likelihood of theft.

There are a variety of products used across the jewelry industry in inventory management, including handwritten adhesive tags, dot matrix labels and flat labels. However, the barcoding solution we’ve found works best for most of our jewelry customers is rat-tail labels .

Rat-tail tags provide a simple solution to jewelry labeling needs, and you’ve likely seen them in use. They consist of small barcode tags with a longer strip of paper extending from one side. They can be attached to jewelry by slipping this “rat tail” end though a space in the piece of jewelry, and then folding the adhesive sides together, trapping the end of the rat tail between them.

Identifying which labels will help you best organize, track and safeguard your inventory will depend on the kind of jewelry you are producing or selling.

Data Age Business Supplies can help you decide which labels are best for you.

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Written by GoDEX

Established in 1993, GoDEX International is an engineering company that specializes in designing and manufacturing barcode printing products that lead the industry in the value price, high-performance category. GoDEX has offices in the US, Europe, and China and its products are distributed worldwide.

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