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Social Media Do's and Dont's

Posted on 02 Jul 2019

header-Social Media Business EtiquetteFor several years our company, and more specifically myself, have taken to social media as a primary outlet. In an attempt to consistently improve, our social media is used as a way to connect with our customers.

The social media channel is a great place to promote your products, brand and people. It is also a platform to educate your customers. There is no substitute for quality content, and frankly, if done right, social media is the gift that keeps on giving. I will say again, if done right. So many people have jumped on the social media bandwagon, as they should. However, they throw caution to the wind…. It is imperative that social media is done the right way.

I’m not saying you have to be highly sophisticated with high-end media tools and equipment when I say “Doing it the right way.” However, you should always think about how your approach will impact your brand, whether it’s your company brand or your personal brand. There is a need to be responsible and tactful in you’re approach to social media. Having strong opinions are a good thing, but social media, like any print media, is one dimensional. Much can be left to personal interpretation, giving comments the ability to come across in an unintended manner. 

Social media is an avenue to promote yourself, your company and your products in a clear and concise way. Will you get some disgruntled customers at times? …YES. Use the platform as an opportunity to understand the issue and turn a negative into a positive. Your attempt to do so will show the social community your desire to listen and understand your customers. Will you get knuckleheads who go too far and take things personally? YES.  Ignore them, let your customers do the talking for you.  Don’t compound ignorance and lose your professionalism. It is tough to take the high road, but the high road is the only road.

Social Media Do's and Dont's

Len Summa

Written by Len Summa

Len Summa joined Data Age Business Systems, Inc. in 2012 and currently serves as Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Before becoming Data Age Business Systems’ CEO, Mr. Summa was Chief Operations Officer (COO) for four years. He has 26 years of experience in executive software solution sales and operational management for both early stage and well-established firms. Prior to his Data Age service, Mr. Summa was the General Manager of global sales and operations at Persystent Software, an industry-leading enterprise recovery software. Mr. Summa has also served as the Director of North American SMB sales and operations at, the preeminent software firm in the learning management space. Mr. Summa has a vast business and entrepreneurial background and was the co-founder of Lou Ferrigno/Fitness Showrooms, a highly successful retail and wholesale chain located throughout the Northeastern United States.

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