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The Big One

Posted on 17 Mar 2017


For years, people have talked about waiting for the "big one" to happen. With each little tremor, they wonder if it is going to progress into a powerful 9-magnitude devastator. As the leading software in the industry, we’re just using this as an analogy, but it really is a reality when it comes to looking for point-of-sales software.

Don’t wait for the “big one”, actually, your software shouldn’t be a topic of conversation. In fact, it should run so smoothly, you hardly even realize it’s there. If you’re talking about it, something is probably wrong.

If your software is a topic of conversation; if you’re sitting around wondering if the next “tremor” is going to be the one that shuts your shop down indefinitely, give PawnMaster a call. The only people talking about our software are those who are recommending us to others living in fear. Security, stability and ensuring your business is running smoothly are the backbone of our business.

Len Summa

Written by Len Summa

Len Summa joined Data Age Business Systems, Inc. in 2012 and currently serves as Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Before becoming Data Age Business Systems’ CEO, Mr. Summa was Chief Operations Officer (COO) for four years. He has 26 years of experience in executive software solution sales and operational management for both early stage and well-established firms. Prior to his Data Age service, Mr. Summa was the General Manager of global sales and operations at Persystent Software, an industry-leading enterprise recovery software. Mr. Summa has also served as the Director of North American SMB sales and operations at, the preeminent software firm in the learning management space. Mr. Summa has a vast business and entrepreneurial background and was the co-founder of Lou Ferrigno/Fitness Showrooms, a highly successful retail and wholesale chain located throughout the Northeastern United States.

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