The SMART Guide to Selling Your Pawn Shop

Posted on 02 Jan 2019

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There are a number of reasons to sell a pawn business. Perhaps you're ready to retire and you don't have someone to pass it onto, or you're just ready to move on from the industry but don't want to see what you've built shuttered up and vacant. I’ve been in this business for over 30 years, and have been involved in several hundred purchases and sales of pawn stores, both as the purchaser and the seller. There's a lot that goes into the sale of a pawn business, and not all of it has to do with numbers. Preparing your shop for sale is a lot like getting a house ready for a showing. The numbers are just a part of the equation, because the details can really make or break a sale.

I know what it’s like to work hard, serve the customer, and build a team, and I also know what it takes to successfully prepare a pawn shop to sell. You can dramatically increase the value of your business with a few simple steps:

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John Thedford

Written by John Thedford

John Thedford is a pawn industry entrepreneur and founder of SMART Financial. He has founded numerous thriving retail corporations including Value Pawn and Jewelry, Rite-Rite Rental Centers, La Familia Pawn and Jewelry, Premier Pawn and Jewelry, and currently, SMART Financial. Results-driven, John builds World Class Operations through strategic focus on a rigorous human resource approach; he believes that "it's not about IQ, it's about "I Do". He also subscribes to the tenet that "the most powerful force on earth is a human engaged in meaningful work. Employers must select with science and hold together with leadership and culture." John's experience encompasses years of coordinating executive teams and organizational processes which has resulted in winning strategies. Currently, John holds several positions outside of SMART Financial. He is also a partner in Initiative Consulting Group. John is a tremendous leader and asset to SMART Financial, with a proven record of rapid growth and financial success.

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