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2016 A Year in Review

2016 was a year for the ages for our industry.  Wow, a lot went on that directly impacted so many brokers, however, as the industry has done for years, everyone made due and pressed forward. Data Age continues to grow and lead the way as the number one software vendor with more than 3,000 customers. Data Age also led the way in helping many brokers overcome several challenges presented to them in 2016. Changes imposed by federal and local agencies, which placed the broker in some uncharted waters. Data Age, in early January delivered the California Department of Justice package to keep customers in California compliant, in concert with text message notifications. These builds immediately  quelled the concerns of the California brokers and in the process drove a lot of new business to PawnMaster. The product and the support in tandem made these brokers feel at ease and allowed them to focus on the basics of their business again. The Military Lending Act was another new regulation so many people were and are still concerned about. PawnMaster swiftly addressed this need in their software and again helped alleviate concerns relating to this Act.

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