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Loan Growth Strategy

Income tax refunds, and yet another stimulus check. Are your loan balances down?

Owning Your Social Media Presence

When you’re interested in a product or looking for a service, what’s typically the first place you go? First, you might go to their website. Second? I’m willing to bet that you check out their Facebook or Instagram pages. 

Loan Balance Marketing

Here we are, its 2021. Now what? Loan balances are down, inventory is low, and stimulus checks, and tax refunds are right around the corner.

Adaptive Marketing, Part Four: Cost Optimization

So by now I think we can all agree that marketing and change have to occur on some level to be able to ebb and flow with the changing times.

The Age Of The Customer

I am sure we are all very busy, and we try very hard to continue to improve ourselves and our businesses. 

Adaptive Marketing, Part Three: Data Driven

As we continue along this path of understanding and more importantly embracing Adaptive Marketing, we come to the third piece of the puzzle…Your business needs to be driven by data.

Adaptive Marketing, Part Two: Adaptive Planning

In the age of the buyer, the set it and forget approach is a thing of the past.

Adaptive Marketing: Understanding Your Customers & Markets

Over the years we have discussed the different types of marketing.

The Importance of Small Steps

So many people today want to succeed very badly in everything they do. They should be commended for their ambitions and desires, but they really need to understand that success does not come easy. Every person that's achieved greatness in their lifetime has applied one very important lesson: the value of taking small steps.

On The Road With Len & Dave

As I sit back and watch this winter storm roll into Long Island, New York, I reflect back on my business career.

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