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To Silver or not to Silver....

You: "So you would like to sell this Tiffany™ Silver necklace & bean. I can give you $25."

Customer: "....but this silver bean was $250 and I just bought it six months ago in Vegas with my now exboyfriend at Tiffany's in Caesars Forum Shops...."

Have you had a conversation like the one above? Is it the reason you don't buy silver? Or maybe it's one of the reasons below...

    • You don't want to "offend" your customers knowing silver quotes are low
    • Not sure what to pay for silver? How do I buy it right ?
    • Is it sterling and if so will it run actual 92.5 or will it run less – more like 90% or 89%
    • What about knife handles and blades and candle stick holders, how do I account for extra weight ?
    • How do I ship it ? It’s going to be heavy as heck and probably be expensive ?

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