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Who is Securing Your Data?

When it comes to your business, the data you store and use for reporting is a key element to your success. Unfortunately, this data can also make you a target. Storing usernames and passwords, credit card information, etc., needs to be done with the greatest levels of security and know-how.  Names like “Amazon” and “eBay” instill confidence because they spare no expense to provide the best talent and technology money can buy. For decades they have been an everyday part of your personal and business needs with billions of dollars invested to make sure that your data is not compromised. 

Colocation and Cloud Computing Demystified

Over the past two decades, cloud computing, as well as colocation services have become so ubiquitous that many people started interchanging the two concepts. This blog attempts to explain the underlying differences and similarities between these often misused terms.

Cloud Computing 101

True Cloud, Hosted, and Co-location Services Defined

Just because you can access information online doesn’t mean that information lives in the cloud. If your technology provider claims to be cloud-based but isn't, you could be facing threats such as slow server speed, high costs of the infrastructure being passed on to you, downtime, or the ultimate nightmare – complete catastrophic data loss.

Our goal is to explain the difference in technology between true cloud computing as opposed to other means of server management. 

Why is Agile Methodology Important in Software Development?

Over the years Data Age has always been known as the technology leader in the pawn industry.  We invest a lot of time and resources to ensure every aspect of our clients’ business technologies are in place, updated, compliant, evolving and well-supported. We don’t rush our products to market to be able to capitalize on buzz words because this can be very costly to the end user and our first priority is putting our customers in a position for success. Having the right people and right processes ensures our company stability, and in turn, it ensures our clients’ investments are stable and profitable.

Why Cloud? Why Now?

Over the years, Data Age, with its PawnMaster product, has accepted and embraced the mantle of leadership in this industry when it comes to technology. As the number one software provider and most widely used software in the industry, it has and will always be our responsibility to keep the industry informed and educated to any technology shift or trends. With nearly 3,000 active clients, we have built a very stable, accurate, and highly effective software, which is extremely easy to use. Having tens of thousands of end-users in front of our software every day, we have been able to take ideas and suggestions and included them in new software builds. In addition to having world-class customer support, we have the absolute best software development team in this space, which can allow us to make enhancements very rapidly.

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