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Fraudulent Bullion Becoming More Sophisticated and Harder to Identify

Several years ago I wrote an article for that highlighted the growing frequency our pawnbroker customers were being exposed to and taken advantage of with fake bullion and replica coins.  Many of these defrauded, poured, and extruded Precious Metal investment pieces started out as legitimate bullion products coming from reputable refineries and banks.  Scammers would drill out actual Gold or Silver from these pieces and back-fill them with materials like Lead or Tungsten rods.  Eventually, we began seeing scammers implementing higher levels of skill to produce replica coins and bullion through minting, electroplating, and even cladding over low value base metal to look like authentic precious metal currencies and investment bullion.

Bullion and Coin Fraud on the Rise

Lately, it seems like stories are popping up every week of pawnbrokers, jewelers, and coin and bullion dealers being victimized by fraudsters. Headlines abound of fake gold and silver bars and high end fake coins being passed off as the genuine article. It is essential that we as pawnbrokers have the right tools and knowledge to combat these growing threats.

Posted on 16 Aug 2017

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