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Don't Sweat Your Competition

Competition... What is it? Someone else that does what you do? Do they do it better? Or are they just another company in the same field or on the same street.

Don't sweat competition; I try to never sweat competition. There will always be competition and sometimes I admit I don't like it (I'm not perfect).

However, I worry more about what I'm doing for my clients and my company start to finish day in and day out. So many people get wrapped up in what everyone else is doing or saying that they forget about themselves and what they have on their own to-do lists.

Truth and Lies in the Marketplace

With the election not long ago, we all know that negative advertising exists. But what if it happens to you? How do you combat a competitor who is telling lies about your business?

Sales Spotlight: The High Road

We take the high road in everything we do.  We are the best in the business so we always act like it.  When it comes to the competition, I assure you, they will sling untruths at any moment. The competition is it in for a quick buck. We are in it to help a client over a very long period of time. Taking the high road will automatically help you distinguish yourself from the field. I am not saying to lay down. I am saying you will pull out the facts, position them against the competition and hammer away on the real value points we deliver. 

Business Spotlight: Creating The Competitive Advantage

Why should I do business with you and not your competitor?  Many companies try to solve this riddle. It seems like most of them have nothing but the best intentions but many of them have "happy ears" in their attempts to answer this question for themselves.  Happy ears are when someone only believes in, or perceives how they answer the question above to be based on their own assumptions. These are their own beliefs but the real question is, “do your customers feel the same way you do"?  At Data Age Business Systems, we constantly do the exercises highlighted in a book called Creating Competitive Advantage by Jaynie L. Smith. Simple stated, we test what we feel is the reason customers buy from us and then we poll our customers and ask them the same questions we've asked ourselves to make sure we're in alignment. 

Posted on 18 Aug 2016

“I want to be mediocre,” Said No One Ever.

With the 2016 Rio Olympics going on, I’ve found myself enraptured by the determination of the athletes. These people are worldwide outliers. The best of the best at what they do. The ones who challenge status quo. But how do they get there? Were they born that way?

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