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My Goldenballs Memoirs: My Employee Incentives Include Crack Dip

According to my employees, I make crack dip. It’s really nothing crazy and I haven’t had a flavor that was ever considered disagreeable. My secret ingredient supplier is no longer around, so I have had to find alternate resources and blends, but without fail I’m still told that it's crack dip. So, you're wondering; how does dip equate to Employee Incentives?

Data Age Business Systems Named Finalist In 2017 Best Places to Work by Tampa Bay Business Journal

At Data Age, we talk a lot about culture. But what does that really mean? “Having a great culture” means different things to different people. For some people it’s opportunity, for other’s maybe it’s compensation, having great benefits, work environment, company values and stability, or feeling like they’re a part of something bigger.  

Business Spotlight : Stay involved & Invest In Quality People

As an small business owner of several retail stores and in my corporate leadership career, I have always tried to stay connected to the people who worked for and with me.  As we all strive to grow and gain success sometimes we find ourselves consumed and investing more mindshare in areas away from our core business.   This happens with greater frequency as an entrepreneur because many small business owners have to do it all. 

Posted on 04 Nov 2016

Halloween Festivities and Corporate Culture

Company/business culture is a topic we will continue to speak about because it really is the foundation for any successful business. Staying connected to your customers and employees is a vital part of every business no matter what the size of your company or customer base. Collaboration and feedback is mission critical to any business and can be very hard to secure for a host of reasons. When you take a fresh approach to doing things and give back at some level, it makes it easy to get the information you need back from your employees and customers. Going the extra yard will have them all connected and feeling a part of the business no matter what level they may impact it on.

Posted on 25 Oct 2016

Culture Pays: Happy Employees Make for Happy Customers

Over the years, Data Age has been one of the top rated companies to work for in central Florida. We work hard and we play hard… And yes, we get a little whacky. Our world-class, industry-leading products certainly are very attractive to the top professionals seeking long-term employment, but it’s the culture at the company that attracts top talent through our doors and keeps them here. We just completed the NPA event and it is obvious the pawn industry is growing and transitioning. The veterans are mixing with the younger brokers so to speak. The younger folks here talk about how understanding the demographics of our customers is so important… This is a true statement. Not only does a company have to evolve and improve upon their products, services, methodologies and strategies, they also have to understand the people driving the business and the audience it is serving.

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