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The Disney Way

Before coming to Data Age I had the pleasure of going to several Disney seminars. When I came to Data Age and found out my first NPA Expo would have Disney doing the educational seminar I flipped out and was elated. I did not know our industry too well at the time but knew the Disney seminar would help each and every broker who attended. Over the years I have spoken with many of you and we all seem to agree this seminar was the bomb. I reflect back on this event because I just did a Disney cruise with my family. For those who know me I do actually take time off here and there… But not a lot. My time aboard the Disney Magic cruise ship along, with a day on their private island just reinforced to me their approach to business is world-class and we should all take as much away from their approach as we can and apply it to what we do every day. Before I proceed let me drop a for fact nuggets on you regarding this company.

Delivering The Gold Standard of Technical Support

Since 1988, Data Age has provided world-class technical support and software updates with every product we sell. Our unique support proposition drives down total-cost-of-ownership and sets Data Age/PawnMaster apart from other industry players that charge high hourly rates. We have set ourselves apart from all other competition in our space.

Putting People First

As leaders in our communities, in our businesses, and in our industry, we spend a great deal of time working with people. These people have a profound impact on our livelihoods through the work we do with them or through the products and services we deliver. In turn, our products and services should also have an impact on our employees, customers, and anyone you come in contact with. The great leaders, companies, and organizations never lose sight of this ever-present focus. You have to put people first no matter what, if you want to be successful as a leader or a business owner.

Customer Profile: N&B Pawnbrokers LLC

Gene Bryer, N&B Pawnbrokers LLC, Titusville, FL

Every Loan is a Relationship

Every time a pawn shop writes a loan, a relationship begins.  Whether it’s for a new or returning customer, each loan is the start of a relationship with someone who will visit the store over and over, and whose experience will impact the success of the business. 

Business Spotlight: Don't Go to the Dark Side of Customer Service

I am sure customer service is an area we have all had to focus on finding ways to continue to improve. We all work hard to build a brand. We all have a brand promise. Many of us are carrying this promise from one generation to the next. The difference these days are the customers. The "powah" of the customer is more prevalent than ever before and every business that does not make a sizable investment in customer service is really placing themselves in a pickle. Customer service could mean many things including investing in headcount to take care of clients, having a floor policy on how you want your clients addressed, having a call policy on what messages you want to convey to your customers. No matter what it may be it is very sound business to treat your clients well. I am sure every one of us in here really care, enjoy and respect all of our customers. We all know there are times when you can’t make everyone happy but it is here you have to work even harder to make the situation right for the customer on some level.

Posted on 02 Sep 2016

How We’ve been Helping Pawn Brokers for 30 Years

When Data Age was formed nearly 30 years ago, we didn’t have the pocket mobile phone, we didn’t have unlimited access to the internet and laptops and tablets were unheard of in regular use. Yes, those were the dark ages alright, but computers and software were still making a difference in the business world.

Sales Spotlight: Customer Service for All!

Reading so many articles on customer experience lately, it is nice to see what we speak about, train to, and preach at Data Age is very much a best practice of great companies. Customer service is important from every angle. We take very seriously every opportunity we have to connect with our customers. As with any company, there is occasionally a glitch, confusion or miscommunication and we look at these situations as opportunities as well. They are opportunities to create a positive experience for our customers and also opportunities to get even better at what we do. Our door is always open to learning about these types of opportunities. 

Whether the issue is our fault or not, we adhere to the key points below to get to the bottom of any customer concern:

1-      It is about the customer no matter what

Let the Customer do the Talking

All Businesses can talk about their great service or incredible products all day long, but self-promotion can’t come close to instilling the kind of credibility and authority that comes from customer testimonials, customer success stories and customer loyalty. Especially from customers you have been doing business with for many, many years.  

Business Urgency DABS Style

Few would argue that we live and do business in a fast-paced world.  Technological advancements and our global economy have created a modern society filled with services and products designed for speed:  fast food, same-day delivery, instant messaging, on-demand media, even skip-the-line fast-passes at amusement parks.  The list goes on and on. 

Posted on 19 Jul 2016

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