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Delivering The Gold Standard of Technical Support

Since 1988, Data Age has provided world-class technical support and software updates with every product we sell. Our unique support proposition drives down total-cost-of-ownership and sets Data Age/PawnMaster apart from other industry players that charge high hourly rates. We have set ourselves apart from all other competition in our space.

Customer Profile: B.S. & G. Pawn LLC

Todd Boyle, B.S. & G. Pawn LLC, Tahlequah,OK

Customer Profile: Casa Grande Jewelry & Pawn

Ted Lowenthal, Casa Grande Jewelry & Pawn

Ted Lowenthal has been using PawnMaster since 2009 and can’t imagine his business without it. Whether he’s tracking employee performance or firearm sales, Ted’s able to use PawnMaster’s powerful reporting capabilities to keep eyes on everything in his store. Ted knows that if he needs assistance, PawnMaster’s knowledgeable tech support team is available to help.

Putting People First

As leaders in our communities, in our businesses, and in our industry, we spend a great deal of time working with people. These people have a profound impact on our livelihoods through the work we do with them or through the products and services we deliver. In turn, our products and services should also have an impact on our employees, customers, and anyone you come in contact with. The great leaders, companies, and organizations never lose sight of this ever-present focus. You have to put people first no matter what, if you want to be successful as a leader or a business owner.

Customer Profile: N&B Pawnbrokers LLC

Gene Bryer, N&B Pawnbrokers LLC, Titusville, FL

Customer Profile: Earl's Pawn & Jewelry

Rhonda Roebuck, Earl's Pawn & Jewelry, Mobile, AL

Not long after taking over as manager of Earl’s Pawn & Jewelry, Rhonda Roebuck realized how much time and money was being spent sending out hard copy pawn notices. After speaking with her PawnMaster account manager, Rhonda decided to implement the Text Messaging module in order to eliminate expensive, ineffective physical notices. Since she has started sending her customers text messages, Rhonda has recorded a 25-30% redemption rate on pawns.

Case Study: Bellevue Rare Coins

The Client
Bellevue Rare Coins Eric, Ryan, Daniel and Angela Hoolahan, Owner

The Challenge
Bellevue Rare Coins was running all four of their shops pen-to-pad. The siblings knew that they needed to be able to coordinate their locations, report to the police through Leads Online, and improve their processes to be more efficient.

The Result
• Coordinate Locations
• Police Reporting
• Improved Processes
• Improved Efficiency
• Record Keeping
• Inventory Control
• Compliance

Customer Profile: A Pawn USA

Nancy Parker , A Pawn USA, Clermont, Florida

A Pawn USA office manager and head sales rep Nancy Parker is impressed with the speed at which she and her sales associates are able to process transactions, whether it be a single pawn or multiple transactions together. She was able to customize the dashboard to better suit her co-workers work habits and flow.

Customer Profile: Crown Jewelers & Pawn

Mike Katsanevas , Crown Jewelers & Pawn, Salt Lake City, Utah

Pawn shop owner Mike Katsanevas has been a PawnMaster client for over 10 years. After trying PawnMaster Ignite for the first time, he was totally blown away with the improved speed and user interface. Mike’s employees feel more incentivized by being able to track their daily sales goals in real-time right from Ignite’s dashboard, and now that they can perform multiple transactions simultaneously, work flow and revenue have increased exponentially.

Customer Profile: Castle Rental & Pawn

Lincoln Nail, Castle Rental & Pawn, Northwest Arkansas

Lincoln Nail manages a multi-store operation in Northwest Arkansas. He appreciates being able to manage software settings for all of his stores through PawnMaster Ignite’s browser-based interface, allowing him to implement changes from one centralized location. Lincoln loves the ability to customize Ignite’s home screen, allowing him to place the menu items that he uses the most at the forefront, saving him time and streamlining his work flow.

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