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Customer Profile: Castle Rental & Pawn

Lincoln Nail, Castle Rental & Pawn, Northwest Arkansas

Lincoln Nail manages a multi-store operation in Northwest Arkansas. One evening, he received a call from a pair of Data Age technicians who had gotten an alert that one of the hard drives in Lincoln’s busiest store was about to fail. The technicians sprung into action and were able to pull backed-up information from Digi-Shield, getting Lincoln back on his feet as if nothing had happened.

Many Pawnbrokers fail to backup their data on a regular basis.

When we did a recent survey of our PawnMaster customers, 20% of pawn shop managers and owners only back up their data about once a week or greater. A majority of them do backup daily but give their employees access to the backup data allowing for theft, fraud, and other potential problems. With Digi-Shield, you can rest assured your data is off-site in a secure environment away from employee access. It also backs up your data at set intervals throughout the day. That means in the event you need to restore your data you are not having to re-enter days, weeks, or months, just hours. Call Data Age to get started today 888-949-7296.

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