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What are Best Practices for Forfeiting Items?

My recommendation for pulling forfeits is, “be consistent”. I feel that this task should be done daily even if you only have one or two items on the forfeit list. One reason for this is if it's done frequently, it's a small task. But if allowed to build up, it can easily get out of hand and become a chore.

How can a Pawnbroker software improve a not so Tech Savvy Pawn Shop?

The answer is simple, use PawnMaster, the leading pawnbroker software in the market place today. Is your pawn shop waiting for the Jetsons to become a reality? The time is now, and with the text messaging feature from PawnMaster and Data Age you will be light years ahead of your competition. Your customers will look forward to getting a friendly reminder via text. This will also dramatically decrease the number of interrupting calls you receive from customers asking about due dates and amounts owed.You can set it up to be fully automated from day 1 for Payments Due, Forfeits nearing, Layaways due. and repairs, as well as wanted items available.

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