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Jewelers Being Bad

The Right Kind of Wrong
We live in an attention economy. If you can grab people's attention, you can sell them things. 
Want a trick to grab people's attention? Of course you do! Ready? 
The trick is to do what is least expected. That is it. If people expect something right side up, put it upside down. If people expect to see a beautiful woman wearing jewelry, put a necklace on a dorky guy, or better yet on a poodle. Do the unexpected and you will surprise, delight, and sell.
On Black Friday the game  Cards Against Humanity raised all their prices! Everyone was expecting lower prices, so  instead they raised them for 
one day!  They got much  more attention, not to mention sales, by doing the unexpected. 
Would you have looked at the pretty hand   if  there was  not an  ugly  one next to it?
Why is this picture of the guys one of my favorites? Because you expect to see girls! Give the unexpected and get noticed, talked about and shopped with.
This ad is fantastic for  the same reason. You  expect to see two kids  on the ground. By doing  the unexpected you  get people's attention.

Low-Cost Ways to Market Your Shop


You can start small. Look into buying some keywords related to payday loans, cash advances, cash loans, collateral loans, pawn loans, etc. You can target these to people searching for those terms within a geographic radius of your location. On the retail side, you can also target terms that are related to items you’re trying to sell. Some people searching for items may not think to check their local pawn shop. The great thing about AdWords is you can set a daily budget, so you can spend as much or as little as you want – you can start small and increase later. The system manages your budget for you, so you never go over.

Are you spending any effort on marketing your shop?

As a pawn broker, you know better than anyone that time is money. You may have a dedicated budget for marketing. Or you may have a website that was created two or three years ago that hasn’t been updated since it was uploaded to the web. Perhaps your niece posts something to Facebook a few times a year for you. No matter how little or how much effort you put into marketing your shop, you probably would like to know how that effort is affecting your business.

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