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Gold is Not the Problem

As you know, we love the pawn industry. A few weeks ago, we presented and exhibited at the NPA Convention in Las Vegas I heard something very disturbing.  I must have heard at least 200 owners talk about how they are not making money the way they used to in this industry. What is more disturbing is at least half of those, when asked why not, immediately responded” because gold is down from $1,856 at its highest to $1,230 an oz. now... It amazes me that so many of the people we spoke to had this as their main reason for down profits. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the price of gold is only one of the many challenges you face right now that is causing less profitability in your pawn shops than in years past.

Posted on 13 Sep 2017

Markets for gold and silver are crazy

Markets for gold and silver are crazy as of late. $25 x 2 day swings up and down. As I've said before, it's like an elevator but there is no "definitely"... Especially when you're ready to settle a lot or hedge when shipping.

Keep an eye on the US dollar, stock markets, job markets, fed talks (interest), President Trump, Democratic Party, unruly activity both overseas and in the US. They will all have an impact on where metals will move -- up, down or remain flat. It's a Friday, as I'm writing this and markets are up $5 - used to be a "profit taking day" for traders for their weekend ca$h. It doesn't roll like that any longer.

Data Age Software Obtains NTEP Certification

Data Age Software Obtains NTEP Certification
Largo, FL- April 20, 2012 - Data Age Business Systems (Data Age), a leading provider of Financial Transaction Software Solutions, which includes its pawn shop management system known as PawnMaster® and its software designed for gold buyers sold under the Buy/Sell Plus™ brand, announced it obtaining NTEP “National Type Evaluation Program” certification from the NCWM “National Conference on Weights and Measures”.
Both the Pawn and Gold buying industries have been undergoing rapid growth given gold prices. The need to mitigate transgressions by integrating software with scales used to weigh gold and other precious metals in these environments has become extremely appealing. With more pawnbrokers entering the market and with Gold Buyers materializing in brick and mortar storefronts, online, malls, kiosks, hotels, and home gold buying parties the need for standards has increased. Not only is it important for customers, but business owners also need to make sure that transactions are beyond reproach and protective measures are in place to ensure calibration of scales and automating the capturing of weights and other measures.

Pawnbrokers making more with Gold buying software

Buy Sell Plus for Gold is the software program you need to manage your shop’s gold buying and selling. Today’s economy has opened up this niche business so why not take advantage of the situation? Gold is one of the safest and most popular investments around. Buying it now and selling it later at a profit is easy when you use Data Age’s gold POS software – Buy Sell Plus for Gold.

On-site training is getting rave reviews for Gold buyers and Pawnbrokers everywhere

Data Age has been offering on-site training for years and more pawnbrokers and gold buyers are wanting this service. As you may know, we offer several types of on-site training depending on the needs of your company. We can train on best practices for your business, 1 day basic training or multi-day training which will cover the basics for your employees then dive deep into manager set-up and reporting. If you are a gold buyer you can teach you our Buy/Sell Plus software, which is just like PawnMaster but specifically for those who buy precious metals. No matter what your needs Data Age has you covered. Inquire today about our full line of training options.

Gold buying software that uses a lot of the same great features our Pawnbroker software has...

We have Gold buying software specifically for Gold buyers! Gold is truly universal. Not quite ready for PawnMaster our leading Pawnbroker software yet? That's OK, we have Gold buying software that uses a lot of the same great features PawnMaster uses, but is designed for Gold buyers. Gold is commercially mined on every continent except Antarctica! Gold is, with the exception of iron, the most broadly distributed metal over the planet. Gold has been located on 90% of the earth’s surface and is mined in deserts, high mountain ranges, in the deeply weathered soil of the tropics and in the permanently frozen ground of the Arctic. In the U.S., 32 states have recorded significant commercial gold production. Call Data Age for a proposal on Buy/Sell Plus for Gold and get your gold and precious metals buy/sell business running efficiently! P.S. U.S. gold futures are at about $1,651 per ounce as of today.

Gold is continuing to escalate in its value and we have the software to help!

U.S. gold futures are near $1,651 per ounce as of today. Are you ready to get started with a gold buying and selling operation in 2012? Or, maybe you want to generate new revenue and upgrade your current system so it handles gold transactions. People are figuring out how to pay their bills in early 2012 and for many, that means selling gold that they don’t wear anymore! Quickly and easily serve your customers with Buy/Sell Plus for Gold from Data Age. Buy/Sell Plus is just like PawnMaster, our Pawnbroker software, but specifically for Gold buyers. Call us for a proposal on Buy/Sell Plus for Gold and get your gold and precious metals Buy/Sell business up and running fast!

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