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2018 Florida Guns Law and Your PawnMaster Software

For our valued customers in Florida who sell and pawn firearms, the following system settings changes can be made to help you remain compliant with Bill 7026, which Governor Rick Scott signed into law March 9th 2018.

Pawning, Selling and Trading Firearms

“Pawn, Sell and Trade” As part of the pawn business model, it goes without saying that a shop can expect to not only see firearms heading out the door, but also being brought in by customers for pawning, sale, trade, or even gun-smithing  services.

Some risk-reducing measures to consider:

Firearm Acquisitions and Dispositions in PawnMaster

If you are a shop that deals in Firearms, you know how important it is to keep accurate records of the firearms that come in and out of your shop. This means anything and everything, up to and including the mistakes. The ATF understands that we’re all humans, we make mistakes. Rather than try to make a mistake appear as though it never happened, use the tools at hand to make the changes manually, and keep your records accurate. Let me show you how PawnMaster helps make it easier for you.

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