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One of the best ways to sell more jewelry is to be a better listener!


Help, a Diamond Fell Out of My Ring!

When selling, jewelers rarely bring up the subject of diamonds falling out. Understandably so! Who wants to think of that when making an emotional purchase? However it happens all the time. You might want to inform your customer so they are prepared if it does happen. The right information 
could prevent future headaches.

I Found a Diamond Cheaper Somewhere Else

How can YOU tell a Great Value Story?
2nd Hand Story
Tell customers your diamonds are estate or bought 2nd hand. People perceive pawn shops as being cheaper, no matter what the price is because they use this 2nd hand value story.
Location Story
Talk about how you just got back from Antwerp or Israel. Mention that you partner with cutters all over the world to get the very best deals.
Quality Story
This is tough. To prove value you must prove you offer a better bang for the buck. Do this by using words such as "...when dealing with diamonds of this caliber..." or "Yes it is more money, but the best always is!"

Why Do We Buy Jewelry?

So Why Do We Buy Jewelry?
No one buys jewelry because they need to. In fact, jewelry is the opposite of practical!  It's heavy and it could carry bacteria. People buy jewelry because of the way it makes them FEEL.
Jewelry Sales are 100% Emotional

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