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Pawnbrokers Unite From Around The World In Less Than 27 Days!

Pawnbrokers Unite From Around The World In Less Than 27 Days! If you haven't booked your flight and room yet, there is little time left to make that happen. Each year the industry leaders converge for the show of all shows for the Pawn industry and showcase what's new. Data Age the maker of PawnMaster pawnbroker pawn shop software, will be there in full force as they have for years bringing you the latest and greatest features and functions. This year will be no different with very user friendly features like we mentioned in a

29 days and counting until the NPA Pawn Expo in Vegas!

With less than a month to go for the National Pawnbroker Expo in the fabulous Las Vegas, people from all over the country are gearing up for the Superbowl of their industry. Data Age's PawnMaster pawnbroker software is no different, we will be unveiling several new features and functions that are a must have like our new Protection Plan. The Protection Plan feature allows you to offer peace of mind to your customers who don't want to

Pawn shops see boost in visitors, business

With the increase in customer traffic to pawn shops lately do to shows like Pawn Stars, Hard Core Pawn, and now Cajun Pawn, Pawnbrokers need technology to help them manage their stores more efficiently. Data Age's PawnMaster Pawnbroker pawn shop management software, makes driving traffic to your store simple with great features like Text Messaging. Notify all of your customers when loans are due, wanted items are available, and coming soon blast messaging so you can send out mass text email messages about promotions to your customers. Below is a great article about how shops are getting more customers to visit.

"Disney’s Approach to Leadership Excellence"

If you were on the fence about going to this year's NPA Pawn Expo, here is what you will be missing. There aren't too many people who don't recognize this iconic brand and what it stands for, and this year they are hosting one of the educational sessions at the show.

Since the founding of Disney Institute in 1986, millions of professionals representing

NPA 2012 Pawn Expo is fast upon us... Are you ready?

Each year the National Pawnbrokers Association Convention PAWN EXPO 2012 is the most comprehensive gathering of educational speakers, manufacturers, distributors, and wholesalers in the industry. It is a tremendous opportunity to grow your business, ask questions, learn from experts, and network with fellow pawnbrokers from across the country. We are just a little over a month away to the big extravaganza!

Pawning my Aston Martin was the best option

When the wealthy need money in a hurry, they don't bother asking a bank – many turn to pawnbrokers instead. This story below may not be in the U.S., but it rings true all over the world as we are all in an economic recession. We have stated in many of our past blogs that wealthy people use pawn shops for quick cash and its not just for the lower income folks

Pawn shops see many repeat customers

Our Pawnbroker software PawnMaster helps stores everyday like Cash for Gold with integrations such as our Quick Quote module that makes buying precious metals a breeze. Because repeat business is key to have a successful business, PawnMaster has features that can give your good customers points that they can redeem or trade in like

Latest News - See the results for PawnMaster's recent drawing for $1000

Data Age recently had a survey for a $400 on E-Commerce that led to us with many unanswered questions. We then upped the anti with another follow up survey for $1000 off the customer care agreement for our PawnMaster pawn software for one store. The pool of entrants are those that completed the second May 2012 E-Commerce Survey. View the results as Tiffany and Jason draw the winner!

Family to Sell Pawn Shop since Phillip Phillips won "Idol"

If you want to own a pawn shop, here is your chance to be your very own Pawn Star. All you would need to add is PawnMaster you already have a celebrity endorsement behind it. American Idol winner Phillip Phillips family run pawn shop is up for sale in Albany, GA. Below is the article about it.

Pawn shop in Kalispell, Montana, having issues with stolen items.

Here is a great reason to start using the industry's leading pawnbroker software PawnMaster.
KALISPELL- A Flathead Valley pawn shop is improving security measures to prevent stolen items from coming into the store.

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