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Data Age eCommerce Clients Top $25 Million in Online Sales

Data Age Business Systems, the developers of PawnMaster, the industry leading pawn shop management software, are excited to announce a landmark eCommerce occasion. Using the integrated eCommerce listing tool e4o, PawnMaster users have sold over twenty-five million dollars’ worth of merchandise since e4o’s inception in 2016.

Redefining Cloud Technology: PawnMaster Ignite

For over 30 years, PawnMaster has been known for our world class service in every aspect pertaining to supplying the collateral loan and buy/sell industry with state-of-the-art software. Whenever we roll out a new program, service, or support model, we do so with only one focus; Our customers. When we build cutting edge software, we don’t build to accentuate fluff. We build features into our products to put our customers in the best possible position for success, and to give them a true competitive advantage in their markets.

Customer Profile: Crown Jewelers & Pawn

Mike Katsanevas , Crown Jewelers & Pawn, Salt Lake City, Utah

Pawn shop owner Mike Katsanevas has been a PawnMaster client for over 10 years. After trying PawnMaster Ignite for the first time, he was totally blown away with the improved speed and user interface. Mike’s employees feel more incentivized by being able to track their daily sales goals in real-time right from Ignite’s dashboard, and now that they can perform multiple transactions simultaneously, work flow and revenue have increased exponentially.

Customer Profile: Castle Rental & Pawn

Lincoln Nail, Castle Rental & Pawn, Northwest Arkansas

Lincoln Nail manages a multi-store operation in Northwest Arkansas. He appreciates being able to manage software settings for all of his stores through PawnMaster Ignite’s browser-based interface, allowing him to implement changes from one centralized location. Lincoln loves the ability to customize Ignite’s home screen, allowing him to place the menu items that he uses the most at the forefront, saving him time and streamlining his work flow.

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