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Q: How can I void a redeemed pawn?

A: My first instinct is to tell you to ask your employee, "Why do you need to void a redeemed pawn?" This is a safety precaution to make sure they're not trying to skim money out of the cash drawer. As an owner be sure to limit who has access to voiding a pawn.

Q: What is “Bin” used for?

A: This is optional (mandatory in the shop where I worked) and is used to locate items. Staying organized is critical to running an efficient pawnshop, by noting the locations of items, anyone should be able to find them for redemption or pulling.

Q: How are employee messages used?

A:Message”, is located in tools and can be used to send a message to all employees or just one. Click “Add” to start and check “All Employees” if needed or select a specific employee. Type in the message and add a stop date if desired. Now when the target employee logs in, the message will be displayed.

Q: What is the “Fast Fill” button on the item screen?

A: Pure awesomeness! This is used for items frequently seen in the shop that has a Brand or Model, such as watches, tools, and firearms.

Q: What is the purpose of the “Firearms Discrepancy” report?

A: Tracking firearms movement in and out of the shop is very important, so PawnMaster records the acquisition and disposition of every gun in two separate databases. The first being the PawnMaster main database and the other is a separate database called the electronic gun log.

Q: What is Mass Update of Pricing?

A: This is another powerful and often overlooked tool in PawnMaster. This utility can be used to adjust the sale price of all items, specific types of items, items in a specific location (Bin), aged inventory and precious metals that do not include stones.

How to create a bulk item in PawnMaster

One of the most frequent questions I get when doing training on inventory management is, “What’s the difference between a “Bulk item” and “New item?”

How to undo a payment in PawnMaster

One of the most frequent questions I get after a shop has been using PawnMaster for a while is, “How do I undo a payment?”

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