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Customer Service, Playing the Long Game

I owned a shop during one of the many “gun scares” and I had a rather large inventory at the time, mainly AR-15’s.

I had a choice. I could raise the prices of my firearms and get all that I could, or I could do what I felt was the “right thing” and sell them at the regular price.

How the Product Protection Plan Benefits YOU

There are a few “no-brainer” programs in the pawn world, and I believe the Product Protection Plan to be one of them.

Non-Competition Agreements as a Business Strategy


Why would you not want to protect your legitimate business interests, your intellectual property, your customer relationships, and your customer lists? Protecting your livelihood at all costs should be part of your business strategy.  Think for the future, and solidify the protection of all that you’ve worked for. There is one specific protection I believe is a must in your business, and that is a non-compete agreement. I would be kept up at night if I didn’t use these contracts.  They protect your customer basethe relationships and goodwill developed by an organizationin in terms of customer relations is ultimately what keeps you progressing.

Imagine that you're a leader in your industry with a great reputation and suddenly, “Poof!” that blue chip list of clients is taken to a competitor by a former manager or employee. Why would you not want to use a non-compete agreement to prevent a former staff member from capitalizing on that goodwill and competing with their original employer? You work for years to build your competitive advantage, and a lot of that could disappear with the termination/resignation of a disgruntled or money-hungry former employee. We believe in this process at Data Age Business Systems. We protect our proprietary software, our intellectual property, and understand that we have a customer list worthy of the blue chip moniker.

Posted on 22 Dec 2017

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