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Turning One Sale into Another Part 2: Post Transaction

Post transactional touch-points are an opportunity for you to reach out to your customer after the sale was made to reengage them to come back. Customer interaction doesn’t stop once the customer has made the sale.

Turning One Sale into Another Part 1: Selling Process

While eCommerce is steadily expanding, many businesses that aren’t solely eCommerce based have found a way to reinvent themselves in a manner that multiplies one sale into many more. It starts and ends with the customer experience.

Social Media Do's and Dont's

For several years our company, and more specifically myself, have taken to social media as a primary outlet. In an attempt to consistently improve, our social media is used as a way to connect with our customers.

Pay 'em and Play 'em

As I travel across this country touring pawnshops from coast to coast, the most common challenge facing owners is rising inventory levels.  Their monthly sales are simply not keeping up with the amount of “pulls”, also known as inventory added through forfeited loans and purchases.  The conversation usually begins like this:

4 Ideas for Drawing People to Your Shop this Halloween

PawnMaster Shares Plans for Retaining A Customer-Centric Model Throughout Massive Growth Phase

Data Age Business Systems, the developers of PawnMaster pawn management software, have announced its plan for expansion to a three-tiered customer-centric service model to continue enhancing customer experience as it rapidly increases market share. In preparation to satisfy this massive growth, PawnMaster is promoting Alan Kircher & Brent Nocera to Sales Director positions.

One of the best ways to sell more jewelry is to be a better listener!


"I want a Deal On a Diamond"

Jewelers Being Bad

The Right Kind of Wrong
We live in an attention economy. If you can grab people's attention, you can sell them things. 
Want a trick to grab people's attention? Of course you do! Ready? 
The trick is to do what is least expected. That is it. If people expect something right side up, put it upside down. If people expect to see a beautiful woman wearing jewelry, put a necklace on a dorky guy, or better yet on a poodle. Do the unexpected and you will surprise, delight, and sell.
On Black Friday the game  Cards Against Humanity raised all their prices! Everyone was expecting lower prices, so  instead they raised them for 
one day!  They got much  more attention, not to mention sales, by doing the unexpected. 
Would you have looked at the pretty hand   if  there was  not an  ugly  one next to it?
Why is this picture of the guys one of my favorites? Because you expect to see girls! Give the unexpected and get noticed, talked about and shopped with.
This ad is fantastic for  the same reason. You  expect to see two kids  on the ground. By doing  the unexpected you  get people's attention.

Sales Spotlight: Timing

Posted on 26 Oct 2016

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