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Who is Securing Your Data?

When it comes to your business, the data you store and use for reporting is a key element to your success. Unfortunately, this data can also make you a target. Storing usernames and passwords, credit card information, etc., needs to be done with the greatest levels of security and know-how.  Names like “Amazon” and “eBay” instill confidence because they spare no expense to provide the best talent and technology money can buy. For decades they have been an everyday part of your personal and business needs with billions of dollars invested to make sure that your data is not compromised. 

EMV Smart Cards for Dummies


If you’ve noticed a new breed of credit cards coming through your doors, that have a small metallic chip in them, this is only the beginning. These chips are known as EMV, which stands for Europay, Mastercard, Visa – the companies that created the standard for credit card processing. Notice I didn’t say this was “new” technology. EMV technology has been reducing crime at the point of sale for almost 20 years.

All Eyes on EMV

There is an enormous amount of uncertainty within the payment space...and all eyes are on EMV payments. With the October liability shift, EMV has become a hot topic of conversation and for good reason. EMV payments (chip holding cards dipped at the point of service) help protect businesses, in the event of chargebacks, during card-present transactions. But what most businesses (and the media) overlook are the critical technology solutions that play a bigger part in securitizing business. This is exactly where the Mercury and PawnMaster technology stack comes in! Our approach is simple…to educate the payment community on our technology stack and highlight risks that businesses are exposed to in the marketplace. Along with EMV, the Mercury and PawnMaster product partnership offers an entire suite of security-enhancing solutions to protect your business.

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