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Guerrilla Warfare

Guerrilla Warfare is commonly defined as ”a wartime strategy involving a small attacking, mobile force, typically deployed against a larger orthodox military force with less mobility.”

Art And Sales - Mastering Your Creativity

 Art and Sales. Two things I have had always had a natural inclination toward. After years of doing both, I realize the two have more in common than one would think at first. Both of these things require a level of creativity to master: art in a more literal sense of what you create and sales with the way you approach your clients and the deals that are being made. It’s easy to make things black and white but to think outside that box into the grey area is where artists and salespeople alike will experience true success.

A Sweet Jewelry Tip!

 Effective Event Tip: "The Focus Group"
Super Sales Line
Andrew from Cincinnati says this great line, "When a diamond is sent to GIA it is given grades based on the opinion of three men, none of who's opinions matter right now. You know who's opinion matters? HERS. All that matters is what she see's when she opens that box"
Special Sales Line
David from Alabama  recommends gradually referring  to the diamond you are trying to sell as "your diamond" and before long the customer will think  that way too!

Diamonds YOU Can Make Money On

One of the best ways to sell more jewelry is to be a better listener!


Facebook Dark Posts - a Great Way to Sell Jewelry

Facebook Dark Posts are the Cheapest, Best Form of Direct Marketing Available Today!
We all know that Facebook has a gazillion users. The average American spends 49 minutes a day on Facebook. Because of that we should be using it for our marketing. What I want to share with you is why this is a kick-ass  opportunity!

Why Do We Buy Jewelry?

So Why Do We Buy Jewelry?
No one buys jewelry because they need to. In fact, jewelry is the opposite of practical!  It's heavy and it could carry bacteria. People buy jewelry because of the way it makes them FEEL.
Jewelry Sales are 100% Emotional

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