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91% Will Say Yes

Being in business over the years, we all have a very steady customer base of business and I'm certain we all have those customers that really stick out to us. Many people want to grow their business to ensure their income levels and increase their business valuation as the years go by. We can always count on that solid base of business, but to achieve these goals we may look for new business acquisition. Many of us invest in marketing, take our business to the internet, or pump up special promotions along with so many other outlets to drive new business.

Confirmation Bias

Nobody likes to be wrong, but did you know there are psychological reasons behind why we avoid, resist, and deny being wrong?  We all want to know that we’ve made the right decision; whether it be personal, professional, political, financial, parental or anything in between.  Every day we, humans use our brains to collect and digest all  the information we can, gathering social proof before making decisions, whether it be a purchase, casting our ballot, pulling the trigger or passing judgement. However there are habits of the human brain that tend to interfere with pure logic that ultimately influence our behavior. Among the many psychological phenomena that we humans knowingly or unknowingly experience, one big one comes to mind when I think about making, justifying and sticking by our big decisions. Confirmation bias is a natural psychological phenomena to which we are all susceptible. 

Business Spotlight: Social Proofing... No Longer a Luxury

As we continue to examine the power of the customer in a one-click market and how social media impacts business, the need to have the market validate the value you state you deliver, has become more important than ever before. Social proofing is no longer a phenomena it is a legitimate methodology and one any great company needs to embrace and master. What we now call social proofing, used to be mainly driven by endorsements. The big name athlete getting paid to talk about a product. As we all know the concept does drive people to the product but once the product was consumed no one really had the chance to hear about the end results. 

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