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Posted on 07 Jan 2014

Did You Know? Enhanced Search Functionality

PawnMaster has expanded the search capabilities when using a ticket number to find a customer. By entering just one ticket number in the payment screen PawnMaster will now bring up a list of all active loans for the customer on that ticket number. This makes taking payments for multiple tickets much faster.

Posted on 23 Dec 2013

Did You Know: Using Shortcut Keys in PawnMaster

PawnMaster includes several shortcut keys that will allow you to quickly and easily perform common tasks such as pawn/buys, sales, layaway's, and more. These shortcuts give you the ability to use PawnMaster without always having to use a mouse. Once you become familiar with using shortcuts you will find you can perform many tasks much faster then you have in the past.

PawnMaster Tech Support Spotted in Rare Photo

Lately, we have been speaking highly about our wonderful team of PawnMaster Technical Support staff and wanted to give you an opportunity to see this hard working bunch. Most tech guys are shy when it comes to photo ops and in this rare photo, we are able to catch them all at once. These gents are the ones you talk with day in and day out when issues arise. We lead the industry when it comes to the amount of dedicated people handling tech issues and guidance. Our technical support group alone is larger than most other Pawn software company's entire staff. We take customer service seriously and understand that every minute your software is down, that is costing you money and time.

PawnMaster pawn shop software is launching "Did You Know?" series...

During the recent NPA Pawn Expo in Las Vegas, our customers told us throughout the show, that they absolutely love the PawnMaster "Did You Know?" videos that we have produced so far. PawnMaster pawn shop software is launching "Did You Know?" series based on your positive feedback. We strongly feel, that things like this really help separate us from our competitors. We strive to educate our customers on how they can maximize their return on investment by offering helpful tips and suggestions that can ensure you are getting the most out of this powerful pawn shop software. The "Did You Know?" series will be a combination of technical support tips and other ways that will minimize frustration and maximize revenue generated. Our goal is to provide at least one or more of these videos monthly. If you have not seen any of the current videos that have been published, head over to our channel and subscribe. This way you won't miss any of the new ones as they get posted. We will do our best to notify everyone as they are published.

Pawnbroker Police File For Business Watch International - Tech Tip

Business Watch International (BWI) is a worldwide law enforcement property recovery system that requires pawn shops and second hand store to upload data daily to its services. BWI requires participating law enforcement strict category types that describe each piece of property the pawn shop or second hand store receives. This is a tech tip video to help you understand the format that BWI requires. Go to / for more information or

Pawn Shop Troubleshooting for Datamax Printers

As a PawnMaster` customer, Data Age uses Datamax printers to create inventory and jewelry labels. This video is filled with some tips that you may want to be aware of when trying to setup the Datamax printer. Go to for more information or

PawnMaster Has Added Enhanced Search Functionality - Tech Tip

This video is to show you all the new search functionality that PawnMaster has added in the latest version. Go to for more information or

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